Melbourne artist Rebecca Jones - Artwork - Collage - On track

ON TRACK (2013)
27cm x 40cm

Two blue stripes are all He wore on His arm: war paint for going into battle. A battle against the ocean, His competitors and himself. Months of training for the Rottnest Channel Swim had all come down to this day. He gave his last minute instruction to His support crew (SC) "Look, SC, look, two blue stripes – you can't miss them."

Somehow I doubted His confidence. It was still dark. He was tanned from a regime of swimming outdoors in the long, hot Perth summer. It was going to be a tough task to discern those two blue stripes amid the starting chaos.

My instincts were right. SC paddled back and forth searching in vain. After an hour the pair were reunited and they got Him on track to finish the solo swim in fine time.